100 Mile Club

September Family Fun RunOctober Family Fun RunKids run together at the Frosty Fun Run.Frost Fun Run

September Family Fun Run at Flying J Ranch Park

October Family Fun Run at Flying J Park

Second and Third graders cheer eachother on at the Frosty Fun Run at Mt. Falcon Park.

Families run together at the Frosty Fun Run at Mt. Falcon Park.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 100 Mile Club!

Now more than ever, it is important to get our children moving.  To keep logging 100 club miles, use this 100 Mile Form 20-21 and follow these simple rules: 

·         Students may only run or walk - trampoline, jump rope, biking, etc will not count. Your student MAY, however, use an elliptical, treadmill, or other indoor equipment to gain mileage if it involves walking or running.

·         It must be  a measurable course of some sort – it is fine if you measure your driveway or other course.

·         It is only for 30 minutes of sustained activity total and must be 30 consecutive minutes – not two 15 minute periods or three 10 minutes, etc.

·         Running or walking must occur  on school days only to count toward miles.

·         Please input your child’s mileage at least once per week

·         Round your child's mileage to the nearest 100th of a mile – ie 1.25 or 2.47 – it doesn’t need to be in quarter miles this year since we are using our upper playground when we are in person.

New for the remainder of the school year or until COVID is over: You may now participate in one family hike per month up to 5 miles.  Take a picture when you reach the summit and send it to colsen@jeffco.k12.co.us  =)  I really miss our group hikes and the camaraderie that was built in those outings! Make sure to record it in the form. We would love to post your pictures on our website!

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